War Annoucement 

As from this moment, on the 22nd of February 2013 the Symbolic Maths Society has declared war with the Landover Baptist Church , this means that posts will be reduced as Profesor Gold will be focusing on the war.Although, I would like to announce one last discovery before the war that sin(infinity degrees),cos(infinity degrees) and tan(infinity degrees) all equal sin(279 degrees),cos(279 degrees) and tan(279 degrees) respectively-it is also important to remember that when x=infininity conversions between degrees,radians and gradiens are invalid.

Welcome to the Symbolic Math Wiki


This wiki is about exploring the applications of symbols in Mathematics and how equations are affected by both having symbols and not having symbols,as proposed in the new symbolic theory by Professor Gold,that tests the relationships between numbers and symbols and expresses that the universe can be represented with only one funct

ion, multiplication.It also investigates the different interpretations of Maths and how algebraic flaws,create lateral solutions.

Symbolic Mathematics

4x=16 (/4)



This is a common proof,used by Professor Gold to illustrate how lateral solutions and differing interpretations exist and it shows clearly that 44 can equal 16,with 44 presenting 4*4.

According to the Symbolic Theory/Gold Hypothesis, x=1.5 is the only other solution to the above equation,with 16 representing 1*6.

On the right,is a selection of many mathematical concepts and theories created by Professor Gold, most of which originate from the Symbolic Theory/Gold Hypothesis.

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